Admittance’s proprietary platform technology, CardioVol™, interrogates the heart with electric fields using existing pacemaker leads to measure real-time blood volume and relative stroke volume. CardioVol™ differs from traditional thoracic impedance measurements in two major ways:

  1. CardioVol™ is a highly specific and localized measurement, unaffected by lung wetness
  2. CardioVol™ measures the complex electrical properties of blood and myocardium and uses patented algorithms to separate the blood and muscle signals in real-time.

This enables a measurement of blood flow more accurate than previously possible and opens up several interesting applications for CardioVol™. Some of these include:

  1. Use of End Diastolic Volume to manage preload in heart failure patients in order to reduce HF hospitalizations
  2. Use of Stroke Volume to improve arrhythmia discrimination in implantable defibrillator (ICD) patients
  3. Using Stroke Volume changes to allow for real-time optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT optimization)

CardioVol uses proprietory algorithms and hardware to interrogate electrical properties of cardiac tissue. It senses total tissue volume and derives blood volume by subtracting the muscle component.

CardioVol is an extremely low-power circuit that can be incorporated into ICD or CRT-D devices with firmware or small hardware update and works with existing or new implanted leads

CardioVol shows excellent correlation with 3D Transthoracic Echo in a 22 patient pilot study.

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